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Here's what we need to know...

As we develop and design your website, we want to understand what your wants and needs are, as well as your style. Our goal is to craft a website that reflects you and resonates with your audience. The more thoroughly you fill out this form, the better we will know you.

Name *
Phone *
How long have you been established? *
If you're a business, tell us about your products and/or services. If you're a non-profit, tell us about the kind of work you do.
In other words, we'd love to hear a little about your story and what got you here in the first place!
What do you want your website to do for your organization? *
Try to narrow down your choices to your top 3-4 reasons for wanting a website.
Do you currently have a website? *
If you answered YES, what is the URL?
If you answered YES, do you have access to the backend of your website?
Do you have any online pages we can look at to learn more about you? *
A Facebook page, Instagram account GoFundMe page... You get the idea :)
If you do, please copy and paste the URL's below.
Do you currently have a brand? *
Brand = logo, font treatment, color scheme, tagline, etc.
If you answered YES, please list all the brand elements you have (a logo, font treatment, color scheme, etc.). If you're ready for a change, describe which elements you want to update.
If you answered YES, do you have access to your logo files?
Do you have colors you would like us to use on your website? *
If you answered YES, where can we see examples? (i.e. your existing website, your logo, another website, an image, etc.). If you know the RGB or HEX codes, please share them.
On my current website I... *
Do you have any photos we can incorporate into your website? *
Please note that you must legally own any photos we use, or have the rights to use them. We highly suggest either taking pictures yourself, or having someone else take some for you!
Does your website need to be set up for financial transactions? *
Check any that apply
If you currently use a platform for your financial transactions, please describe what platform you use (PayPal, Square, Stripe, Etsy, GoFundMe, etc.). If you are a non-profit or missionary, please describe how you currently accept donations.
Rate yourself on the following... *
Rate yourself on the following...
Be honest! No judgement :)
I am familiar with and comfortable using social media for my business/non-profit
Technology and the internet aren't my strong point
Blogging is an important part of my online presence
When it comes to stuff online, I can usually figure out how to do things pretty easily (with a little help from Google)
What words describe the look you want your website to have? *
Check the top 3-5 adjectives the BEST describe what you want.
Help us understand what you like *
Below are links to a few different websites. Please open them in a separate window and spend a few minutes looking at them. Pay attention to the LAYOUT and FEEL of the site. Then please place a check next to the TWO websites you liked best.

Click HERE to see Egg Shop
Click HERE to see Paisley Pugmire
Click HERE to see VanLeeuwen Artisan Ice Cream
Click HERE to see RC
Click HERE to see Lumber Juan
Click HERE to see Library For All
We would love to hear any insights about WHY you liked the websites you chose, OR why you DISLIKED any of the other websites.
Expectations, hopes, dreams... Anything you think would be helpful for us to know as we develop and design your website.
Are you interested in a newsletter for your organization? *