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Let's get you a brand...

Having a brand is having an identity. We want to help develop a basic brand that will accurately represent your business or non-profit in a way that reflects your personality, values, and target audience. This questionnaire will help us in our creative process so we can accomplish that goal. Fill out the answers as honestly and completely as you can - the more detail you're able to give, the better we'll understand who you are and how to represent you in your brand!

Name *
Or social media page if you don't have a website yet.
Do you currently have a brand? *
Brand = logo, typography, color palette, tagline, etc.
If you answered YES, please list all the brand elements you have (a logo, typography, color palette, tagline, etc.). If you're ready for a change, describe which elements you want to update.
If you're a business, tell us about your products and/or services. If you're a non-profit, tell us about the kind of work you do.
In other words, we'd love to hear a little about your story and what got you here in the first place!
In other words, who does your business or non-profit serve? What demographic should your brand appeal to? Please share any specific information about your audience including gender, age, and any other relevant information. Note: Please share who CURRENTLY is drawn to your organization, and who you WANT to attract if those are two different demographics (they may not be).
Adjectives are great!
What style do you want your brand to have? *
Try and limit your response to 3-4 choices.
If there's a particular shade or color scheme you have in mind, we definitely want to incorporate it! If you don't have particular colors, let us know generally the kind of colors you're drawn to: bright and vibrant, black and white, muted and understated, pastel, etc. Also list any colors you definitely do NOT want us to use!
In other words, are there any symbols or images you want used in your logo? Do you like trees? Do butterflies really represent your mission? Is the calmness of water imagery you want to use throughout your branding? You get the idea.
Help us understand what types of logos you are drawn to. *
Please download this image ( CLICK HERE ) and open it in a separate window (be sure to zoom in if you need to). It shows examples for 5 different types of logos. Please place a check next to 3-5 of your favorites.
Help us understand what fonts you are drawn to. *
Open this website ( CLICK HERE ) in a separate window. It's a collection of Aesop's Fables in different fonts. Please check off the name of fables you like the fonts used (not necessarily the images, just pay attention to the fonts). Check up to 4.
Do you need business cards? *
For example, were there any of the logo styles or fonts you strongly disliked? Is there a certain feeling you want your brand to evoke? Is there anything else you've been drawing inspiration from in regards to your organization?